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The HuMn Wallet was born out of necessity and lots of traveling. Being two dudes on the go, we’ve tried almost every type of wallet, money clip, card case, and wallet mutation out there. We were looking for a way to keep what we needed in our wallets, while getting rid of the things we didn’t. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong.

Some card cases could hold cash and cards, but couldn’t hold business cards. Some could handle cash and business cards, but stored them on top of each other, which meant that you had to pull out all of your cards to find the one you were looking for. Others simply could only hold a fixed number of cards and cash.

All of the wallets we tried had a common problem, while they might start out “looking” slim, they would take on the usual bloated appearance once we put our cards and cash in them. It didn’t matter if it was cheap or expensive ,they all fell short in one way or another. To make things worse, almost all of the wallets out there didn’t even protect against RFID skimming.

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