iVoltmeter Will Measure Waves For Under $40


The First EVER Voltmeter with Bluetooth Technology for under $40 for Kickstarter pledges

The i-voltmeter is an electronic testing tool that can:-Diagnose electronic functions of anything you need to test -Data log electronic events over time -Remote view events with your smart phone -Create Remote Triggers -Set Alarms -Use as an anti-theft device -Measure electrical voltage, current & resistance

Now you can test a full spectrum of electronics with the diagnosis and data logging features of the iV. Other units  cost upwards to $1000.  Because it is Bluetooth enabled, you can unleash yourself from the testing device with the iV.

We have created it as an Open Source format, so anyone can design any type of App for the i-voltmeter device.  The sky is the limit for what the iV can be used for.
Got an idea for an App on the iV?  Let us know and buy a developers pledge and you can be on the ground floor before the product launch at the end of 2012.

Via: Kickstarter

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