This iPod Shuffle Is Actually A Hidden Video Camera


MP3 Player Spy Hidden Camera

Whether you are a journalist, private investigator or someone who seeks video proof, this hidden spy camera features a tiny pinhole camera that no one will notice. Identical to the iPod Shuffle, this hidden wireless camera will fulfill all your surveillance needs as well as your appetite to listen to your favorite songs.

Smart ‘1-Touch’ To Record Video The MP3 Player Spy Hidden Camera shots video with a touch of a button, then saves the footage on the removable Micro SD card. It also comes with a 1GB Micro SD card of removable memory. Simply insert the Micro SD card into the slot and begin recording. When you’re ready to view your footage, remove the SD card and view video surveillance on any TV, Monitor, or PC.


  • 1.3 Megapixel Resolution
  • Dual Mode: Continuous Video Or Fast Action Snapshots
  • High Resolution 640 x 480 Full Screen Video And Audio
  • Includes 1GB Micro SD Card (Upgradeable To 8GB)
  • Up To 8 Hours Of Continuous Recording When Fully Charged
  • The World’s SMALLEST Music Player Has Now Been Converted Into A Hidden Camera
  • Now you can walk or jog around town with this innocent looking MP3 player without anyone knowing that you are carrying a hidden arsenal of camera equipment.
  • Capture decisive moments–like a cheating spouse–with the ability to shoot crystal clear 1.3 megapixel resolution images.

Via: Sky Mall

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